5 Tips for Having Fun at a Palm Harbor Strip Club

There are many unspoken rules when it comes to visiting strip clubs. Your first trip may feel weird and awkward. These feelings are normal. Here are some tips to help you make the most out of your stay ata Palm Harbor Strip Club.

     1. Ask for the rules and prices

Rules can vary greatly between strip clubs. Some clubs prefer patrons to tip the dancers while on stage. Other clubs may want you to wait until the dancer has done performing before giving a tip. There are those who implement a strict “no touching the dancers” policy while others are a bit more lenient. Knowing what the rules and prices are will prevent any unwanted surprises and will help you become more comfortable during your stay.

     2. Wear soft clothing

Dancers typically do several private and lap dances on a single evening. Performing special dances on hard or rough articles of clothing such as spiked shirts, wallet chains and metal belt buckles can leave their skin sore and tender after just a few rounds. If you want a lap dance, remove your coins, keys, pens, phone and any other hard objects from your pockets. This will protect the dancers and your skin from being accidentally poked by your own stuff.

     3. Bring cash

If you are on a tight budget, use cash. This way, you can control where your money goes. You can decide which dancers to tip, how much you want to tip, if you want a lap dance performed, and so on.

     4. Tip the dancers

As a general rule, tip each dancer you watch perform on stage. Even dropping a few dollars for each song they dance to is a gesture that is greatly appreciated by the performers. It shows the dancers that you are watching what is going on onstage. Some may even drop by to say hi.

     5. Watch before you choose

Patrons have varying ways of deciding which dancer they want performing lap dances for them. Most base it on the dancer’s physical characteristics. If this is your first time, try to watch a few dancers perform on the stage before making a decision. This will give you a general idea of the types of girlsthat are available at a Palm Harbor Strip Club, what skills each dancer has, and when they are available, among others. Try a different one each time you visit. This way, you’ll gradually find out what you like and don’t like.

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