Reluctant to Visit a Gentlemen’s Club in Tampa? Here Are a Few Things That You Can Do

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Reluctant to Visit a Gentlemen’s Club in Tampa? Here Are a Few Things That You Can Do

There’s no getting out of this one.

Perhaps your buddy has arrived after serving his tour of duty and wants to celebrate with your gang by visiting a gentlemen’s club in Tampa. Or maybe your best friend is getting married and wants to spend his final night as a bachelor in an adult club. Or perhaps, your company is entertaining VIPs and your boss has decided to take them to a gentlemen’s club.

Quite simply, you may not want to go to a club, but you can’t simply say no. That does not mean that you can’t partake in the fun.

Here’s your cheat sheet.

A few basics
Each adult club has its own set of policies. And one of the worse things that you can do is to assume that these policies are the same. It won’t hurt to ask what these are upon arrival.

For example, some clubs do not mind people taking pictures inside while others will throw you out for taking a picture of the girls. Some clubs may allow patrons to touch the girls while others do not. If you and your group are on a budget, ask about the prices first.

Think of gentlemen’s club as similar to other establishments. Two important things are expected of you: to tip and to be polite.

Ask ahead and save yourself from frustration and embarrassment.

It’s okay to look
If you find it uncomfortable looking at the bodies of the girls inside the club, keep it to yourself.

Better yet, give yourself permission to enjoy the wonders of the feminine form. Just imagine that you are in art gallery looking at works of art.

Don’t turn down a lap dance
One of your buddy buys you a lap dance but you simply feel uncomfortable with that idea. Before you shoot that idea down, do take note that by turning down that lap dance, you are depriving the dancer of potential income.

The best thing that you can do is to think that the dance will just last for a few short minutes. Enjoy the dance.

What not to say to a dancer
You and your friends are at the club to have a good time with beautiful girls. This is not some opportunity for you to make judgments on the girls. Remember, this is where they work. Avoid telling girls that they are too good to be there. If you must talk to the girls, keep the conversation light and fun.

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