Silks Gentlemen’s Club Etiquette for First-Timers

If you want to have a good time at the Silks Gentlemen’s Club, treat it like you would a temple. Like a devout parishioner, you must learn to respect its many rules and guidelines. For visitors, here are a few basic tips on what you can or cannot do while inside the club.

Tip the performer

Dancers spend countless hours perfecting their techniques and performing on stage. Show your appreciation by giving them a tip. As a general rule, give a tip for every dancer you see perform and each song they dance to on stage. A larger tip is required if you want to talk to any dancer. A performer’s time on stage is important. You need to compensate her for her time if you want her to spend more time with you or perform a lap dance.

No insults

Regardless of what you think of the dancers or the staff, it does not give you the right to degrade or make a rude comment of any of them. All workers at the Silks Gentlemen’s Club are there to do their job. If it is a comment that you would not tell your wife, girlfriend or mother, then it is best to keep that comment to yourself.

No photographs or videos

This may be the age of selfies and social media, but taking photos and videos inside the club is not allowed. Silks is still a privately owned business. Unless you obtain explicit permission from both the manager and the dancer, turn your cameras off while inside the club. In a lot of states, taking pictures or recording videos of the staff is considered a misdemeanor so be careful where you point your phone or camera.

No photographs of your possessions

Seeing our dancers perform on stage in revealing outfits does not give you permission to show them pictures of your precious jewels. Doing so will entitle you to a one-way ticket to the exit door.

No touchingof the acts

Treat our women as you would a religious relic: with respect. Respect the dancers and respect shall be given to you. As with most adult entertainment clubs, you are free to look at but not touch any of the dancers. Grabbing, groping, licking, kissing or any forms of physical contact is a big no-no inside the club. Always ask for consent if you wish to make any physical contact with any of the dancers. If you cannot follow this rule, be prepared to be escorted out the door.

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