Silks InPalm Harbor Lists The Top 5 US States For Strip Clubs

The public’s perception of strip clubs is still split. Places such as Portland, Las Vegas and Miami draw massive crowds of tourists because of their strip clubs. On the other hand, there are areas where statesmen pass laws to have them removed.

The strip clubSilks in Palm Harbor presents here a list of the top five US states that have remained popular hubs for strip joints:

  • Oregon
  • The Beaver State has almost 60 clubs within its jurisdiction (12 more than the state of Nevada). Although it is a decent number for a state with a population of only four million residents, its strict no-contact rule has turned a number of tourists and stripper supporters away.

  • Louisiana
  • The rest of the Bible Belt may be unyielding when it comes to any form of nudity or drinking, but not this State. Louisiana has plenty of quality strip clubs to offer. What makes it rank lower on the list is the fact that the clubs here are only allowed to feature topless performers.This is not a total turnoff as the state permits strippers to perform contact lap dances on customers.

  • Nevada
  • Aptly referred to as Sin City, Las Vegas is well known for its selection of casinos and strip clubs. There are approximately 47 clubs within the entire state, with two out of the 47 making it to the list of the Top 21 clubs in the country. Travelers coming from out of state may be disappointed to hear that Nevada is strict in implementing no nudity and no full liquor allowed in the same club.

  • Florida
  • The Sunshine State offers strip club fans a wide selection of strip joints. This state tops the country with 243 strip clubs located in the same state. Plus, the state has 5 strip clubs in Miami and Tampa that have made it to the list of Top 21 strip clubs. Silks in Palm Harbor is one of many available strip clubs in the state.

  • West Virginia
  • Lastly, referred to as “almost heaven,” this state features the most number of strip clubs in the country. Data shows that West Virginia has at least one strip club for every 28,000 residents. Other perks to visiting the strip clubs in this state include the fact that they allow both full nudity and full liquor is served. Plus, full contact couch dances are allowed and offered here.

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