Silks Strip Club Manners: A Gentleman’s Guide to Strip Club Etiquette


Ever heard of strip club etiquette? It might sound counter-intuitive, but you’re going into a strip club to have a good time, so you better behave properly or you won’t be getting what you expect. Bouncers will be more than happy to cut your merriment short. Consider these the standard rules for visiting not just Silks Strip Club, but any club providing adult entertainment anywhere:

Eyes on the Prize
Respect the strippers attending to your entertainment. This means being a gentleman and paying full attention to what they’re doing. It might not seem like it, but it’s hard, sensuous work trying to give you that titillating high.
If you need to attend to a phone call or something else, place a couple of dollars on the rack, and then walk away to attend to your business.

Keep Your Stuff to Yourself
Speaking of respecting the ravishing ladies, when you request a private dance, keep your stuff to yourself. This includes your hands – no touching; your mouth – no kissing or licking; and your junk – you paid for a dance, not a happy ending.
Remember our first rule: Eyes on the prize – JUST your eyes. Every other part of you stays where they are.

What Happens at a Strip Club…
Our final rule relating to respecting the lovely ladies is pretty simple: Don’t proposition them outside of the club and their working hours. During a private dance, their every motion, gyration, and exhibition is for you and you alone. But outside business hours and the club, they want to live their lives without being bothered by an overly enthusiastic patron.
That’s a quick way to never be welcome in Silks Strip Club again.

No Pics, No Videos
You can take this as sort of an extension of the rule above: Don’t take unsolicited pictures and videos in the club. The ladies wouldn’t want too much attention outside of their jobs, like mentioned before, and additionally, pictures and video tend to capture more than just what you intend.
You need to take into account that you’ll be inevitably capturing photos and videos of other patrons in the club, and that’s just a big no-no for everybody.

Be Generous in Kind
Finally, keep the showing going and show your support for the hard-working ladies of the club.With beautiful women generously giving you a great time, you should be generous in kind and tip openly.

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